Project Management Can Be Tough

By: Erik | 18 Aug 2016 is a great task management tool that has a proven track-record of increasing productivity amongst teams. Lets take a deeper look!

On you can organize all of your tasks into multiple projects for multiple clients as shown here:

In a task management tool It’s necessary to know what is being worked on and when it will be finished. Add also as the leader of our respective company we need to know how much time has been spent on each task. On you can organize all employees into teams and assign tasks from various projects to these employees. The end product looks like this: allows for managers to write a detailed description, set delivery dates, attach related documents, etc. All right within the task itself. if anything is needed to be communicated on the task, each task has a comments section viewable by anyone with the permission to enter the task. This eliminates the insurmountable amount of emails you have to sift through, all of the necessary info to stay up to date is reduced into a simple window.