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West Virginia International Auto Show

Vultus was tasked with the responsibility of branding the auto show and designing beautiful outdoor marketing materials.

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Get Your Motor Running for a Good Cause

The state of West Virginia hosts an annual West Virginia International Auto Show Charity Gala for Hospice Care. The gala features new and top of the line car models from more than 25 automotive manufacturers across the globe. This event is presented by the West Virginia Automobile and Truck Dealers Association and produced by Charleston Newspapers and Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC. Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC (MTAS), is the nation’s largest auto show producer and part of the Source Interlink Companies, Inc. Founded in 1984, MTAS produces auto shows in more than 20 markets across the country. With offices in Detroit, New York and Los Angeles, MTAS has the advantage of having large-market expertise and manufacturer support.


Campaign Objective

The advertising campaign included print marketing materials like billboards, bus stops, off-site event sites, and the official event poster. We set out to create a design that connected with the target audience as well as comply with the dozens of event sponsors’ various brand expectations. The two main components we focused on were the typography and photography of the posters.

A Design to be Seen

We needed to use a font that conveyed the essence of the charity gala, yet maintained the integrity of the brands involved. We settled on Helvetica because its universal recognition wouldn’t detract from other visual elements. Our work featured an image of a couple in their 40s, that were driving in a Cadillac. Our goal was to connect aging car enthusiasts and remind them of the joys a classic car brand, like Cadillac, can evoke. Our message was simple, live life to its fullest.


Our designs helped the West Virginia International Auto Show Charity Gala host one of the most successful galas in state history.Thousands of people attended the gala.

$50,000 in donations raised for charity!

Former Governor Joe Manchin III said, “The success of this year’s charity gala campaign was astonishing. It will go down in the history of West Virginia as truly leaving a mark for the cause of hospice care and the greater good.”