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Rock City

Vultus is working with Rock City, Chattanooga to craft an iconic experience for one of nature’s most iconic attractions.

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From the Ground Up

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The User Interface

A trip to Rock City is the embodiment of the great outdoors and the see 7 States view is an experience everyone comes to treasure. We designed an interface reminiscent of that ethos as well as the landscape itself. The custom iconography allows the user to purchase tickets and plan their visit using obvious UI elements and the navigation is inspired by the 7 States signage itself.



Never a Dull Moment

Rock City is located atop Lookout Mountain, just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga. This beautiful location allows for visitors to experience the Cafe 7 at Lover’s Leap, Shamrock City, Mother Goose Village, and the harrowing 180 foot Swing-a-Long Bridge. The app’s events feature allows visitors the ability to see and purchase tickets or book time slots to each of the attractions as they update and change.



An Enchanted Journey

Fancy a walk though an enchanted 4,100-foot walking trail? Want to try your hand at a 25 foot climbing wall, or would you like to see the real Mother Goose Village? It’s an impressive landscape classic nursery rhyme scenes, such as: Humpty Dumpty, the Three Little Pigs, and Little Boy Blue. Nearly a half million people from all over the world visit this natural attraction each year.
Share your quintessential Rock City experience with other app users. With push notifications all users are able to see a user’s progression on their tour, hike, or their own generated trail they’ve carved out.


iOS and Android App Coming Soon